Lectures for April 16th, 2011

Lecture 10 [Trials of the Muslims for the sake of their Islam]

Lecture 11 [The Embargo]


Prophetic Timeline

Prophetic Timeline is an interesting website, and an invaluable resource for students of Seerah –this is what they say about themselves:


The content within the timeline focuses moderately on details of the accounts and historical facts but liberally seeks to draw out the deeper meanings, lessons and wisdoms of these events, which are applicable to the people of the 21st century as they were 1400 years ago.


You can through this website:

1) listen to mini lectures for each era discussed in the books of Seerah.

2) look up the calendar for important events during a particular era of our Islamic history

3) learn from the lessons and wisdoms of each era

4) learn the revelations and ruling for a particular era of the prophetic timeline

5) familiarize yourself with polemical rebuttals  particular to an era

This and much more. Please check out this amazing resource at Prophetic Timeline