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The final finished blog nabiyunna.wordpress.com will be the result of the efforts of the students taking the course “The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad: Makkan Period” under the instruction of Lamya Almas at the Islamic University of Minnesota (IUMN), Spring 2011. It will be the result of doing with the Prophet’s (saw) advice:

Abu Huraira (raa) reported Allah’s Messenger (saw ) as saying: “When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three: 1) Recurring/ongoing/perpetual charity; 2) Knowledge (by which people) benefit; 3) Or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased).” [Sahih Muslim : Book 13 Kitab Al-Wasiyya, Number 4005]

We realize the daunting task that we have at hand, and intend to embrace wholeheartedly the study of his Seerah more importantly to follow his example in our private lives, and propagate his message in the public. We understand the advice of As‘ad bin Zurarah to the people of Madinah at the 2nd Pledge of Al Aqabah:

On the authority of Jabir, who said: “When we started to pay allegiance to the Prophet, As‘ad bin Zurarah stood up and gave the following short address: . . . Should you choose to pursue this course, holdfast to it, and your great reward is placed in the Hand of Allâh, but if you are caught in fear, I admonish you to give it up just now, and then you would be more excusable by Allâh.

We are up for the challenge and we seek the same reward  as did the people of Madinah–Jannah.

Please feel free to join us in our endeavor through your suggestions, recommendations, advice as well as the submission of resources in any format to include in this blog. Feel free to contact us at alma0028@yahoo.com or commenting on this blog.


The Sisters from “The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad: Makkan Period”


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