Final Take Home Exam



This is a take-home exam and it is due either electronically to or you can hand in person to the office at the IUMN. The exam is due by the 28th of May Insha Allah. Since you have more time to work on this, I do expect that that your responses will be thoughtful and researched Insha Allah

Question one: [20 points]

In our study of the Seerah an interesting observation comes to mind:
1) The beginning of the revelation of the Qur’an to the Messenger of Allah (saw) began in the Cave of Hira.
2) In the journey to Al Madinah—from which year our Hijri calendar begins—the Prophet (saw) and his companions Abu Bakr hid from the disbeliever of Quraysh in the Cave of Thawr.
3) Furthermore, at the end of time when the Dajjal [Anti-Christ] appears the Prophet (saw) asked us to head to the caves, and asked us to memorize the first 10 ayahs of Surat Al Kahf [the chapter of the cave] as a form of protection from the Anti-Christ.

Why do you think this focus on caves and what is the relevance?

Question 2: [20 points]

Umar ibn Al-Khattab said, “I wish I was a hair on the chest of Abu Bakr” to show how much Abu Bakr had been favored by all companions to accompany the Prophet in the historic journey of Al Hijra. Having seen snippets of Abu Bakr’s role in the Makkan period and his grace and love for the Prophet (saw) in the journey, how do you see him as deserving of being elected by Allah (SWT) for such a special time in the life of Islam.

Question 3 [20 points]: The Prophet (saw) took three journeys of relevance in the Seerah—one to Al Taif where he and his message were rejected, journey to Al Aqsa masjed in Jerusalem and then to meet Allah (SWT) in the heavens, and the journey to Al Madinah. which marks the beginning of the Hijri Calendar. Choose one of these journeys and express its impact on you, and on the message of Islam.

Question 4 [40 points]: Make sure you write the names of those in your group.
It is said that “accepting the job [being a Muslim] doesn’t mean that you will actually do it [i.e. clarifying the message of Islam]. At the beginning of this class we discussed the objectives of studying Seerah . Today so much about our Prophet and his message are being attacked. So much of the message of Islam is distorted. Misconceptions about it are propagated by the media, in all its forms. It feels, I hope by now, that we are reliving the Makkan period and the trials that the companions went through.

There are so many issues to tackle to clarify to others who are Prophet (saw) is and the essence of the message of Islam, but every small effort made is a step closer to clearing the fog. This Group Dawa Plan Project is one of those small efforts, and will be posted on our blog for the class as suggestions for us and others who want to take action. You are not required for the sake of this class to execute the project.

So, in group of 4 students put together a detailed plan with:
1) clear mission statement,
2) Justify choice of the project [why you think yours is more important than others?],
3) audience you will be targeting,
4) place you will be conducting the project [is it something that anyone can do from home, or does it require a specific place and context],
5) tools [social media, in person interaction etc],
6) plan of action [how will you go about , and expected results.

I look forward to learning from you all insha Allah. For a copy of this exam download document here FINAL EXAM


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